Studied Physics at Tokyo University of Science (1979-1983)
New York Holographic Laboratory, Advanced (1985)
Awarded the Artist In Residence, The Museum of Holography, New York (1990)
Awarded the Suzuki Masane Prize for Holography (1995)
Invited Researcher for "Fluctuation Hologram," Light in Public, Image Laboratory, Japan (1996)
Sheawater Foundation Award for Creative Holography (1997)
Fellowship at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, KHM Germany (1998-99)
Awarded the Artist In Residence, Center for The Holographic Arts (1999)
Co-director, The Center for the Holographic Arts (2001-2006)
Consultant/Evaluator for newly produced holographic film by FUJI Photo Film (2006)
Awarded the Scholarship for 7th International Symposium of Holographic Arts, Wales, UK (2006)
Awarded the Grant "Luminous Windows" MIT Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (2008-2009)
Awarded "Best Native 3D Short Film"and "Director To Watch" International 3D FIlmFestival Los Angels (2012)
Awarded "Special Audience Award for 3D" International BeFilm Festival in New York (2013)
Awarded "Best 3D Film of the Show/Paul Wing Award" National Stereoscopic Association, Traverscity, Michigan (2013)
Awarded "Best Stereographer" Los Andes, BeFilm Festival in New York (April, 2014)
Awarded "Grand Prize" Atmosphere, 3D Korean International Film Festival in Seoul, Korea (Oct, 2014) Awarded "Paul Wing Award, 1st Prize Best 3D show" ANITYA, 3D-Con, National Stereoscopic Association /Internationa Stereoscopic Union Congress Irvine CA, USA (Aug, 2017)

Tsukuba University, Art Department, Tsukuba, Japan (1997)
KHM Cracking the Future, Aura Auditrium Presentation, Germany (1999)
HODIC (Holographic Display Engineers Club), Tokyo, Japan (2002, 2004)
Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, USA (2002-2007)
School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York, USA (2004)
Ohio State University, Art Department, Columbus, Ohio, USA (2005)
7th International Symposium on Display Holography, Wales, UK (2006)

Holographic animation system by controlled array of lights
Portable wide angle video rail system for stereogram
Developed interface bio-medical sensor to holography art
Developed interface motion detection device and power glove pointing system to holography
Space video projection using HOE and laser as light source
Realtime spatial rainbow video projection using HOE
Laser beam clean expander with mirror scanning device for display holography Narrow angle hologram device and method of manufacturing same, US Patent (#US20050068596)

Holography, Light installation using Holographic Optical Element, Space video projection, Interactive light installation, Communication art, Performance art, Advanced Holo-Hybrid field with light. Stereoscopic 3D Film, HD and 4K 3D Film media.

Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Inter-spices Telecommunication Installation with Eduard Kac New York, Kentucky (1994)
Fluctuation Holography , Image Laboratory OSAKA, Japan (1995)
Saba Dance Theater Company (New York), dance with interactive video projection (2005)
Collaborations with various artists who visit Holocenter: providing consultation for them how to manage light behavior, light controller, digital projector, LED, Lens, Laser scanner, Hologram, HOE, Light diffuser


2017  "ANYTIA" Impermancence 3D-Con Irvine, CA USA
2016  "Minimus 3D Arkestra" performance in 13 Repaertory Theater, New York
          "Aurora Borealis", 3D Korean Internation Film festival, Busan South Korea
2015   "Aurora Borealis", 3D in 21th Century series at BAM Brooklyn New York
          61th International Short Film festival Oberhausen, Germany 8PM May 2, 2015
2014   "Los Andes" BeFilm festival in New York
         "Atmosphere" Edinburgh 3D FIlm Festival Official selection (UK Premire)
          "Aurora Borealis 3D" NASA Sun/Earth Day event, at American Museum of National History
2013  "Atmosphere" BeFilm festival in New York (world Premire)
         National Steroscopic Association congress
         International Stereoscoppic Union congress, Slovenia (Europe Premire)
         Beyond Festival Kerlsruhe< Germany (Germany Premire)
         "Meterialization" Hologram installation Midland Center For the Art , Michigan
         "Thera" Hologram installation Midland Center For the Art , Michigan
         "Fossils" Hologram installation Interference:Coexhistence, New York
2012   "Easter Island 3D Timescape" "The View In America" 3D Film Festival In LA
2010   "Meterialization" Hologram installation Harry Houdini special Exhibition,
          Jewish Museum New York, USA
          Skirball Cultual Cneter Los Angels
          Contemporary Jewish Museum , San Fransisco
          Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Wisconsin
2008    MIT Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA "Thera" Luminous Windows" Exhibition
2006    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
          Jonathan Ross Collection show, London, U.K.
          Tikal Archeoroical Complex, Guatemala
          St. Clara Convent Ruin, Antigua, Guatemala
2005    "Forbidden Colors" Solo Exhibition, Center For the Holographic Arts, New York, USA
           "The Body Electric" Butler Institute of American Art Museum, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
           "3" SABA Dance Theater Company Performance at Florence Guild Hall, New York, USA
           Translating Solids, International Holography Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio USA
           HODIC Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
           Shinchu Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2004   Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
          Debora Gallery, New York, USA
          "The Body Electric" 20 Greene Gallery, New York, USA
          SPIE Photonics West International Holography Exhibition, San Jose, USA
2001    Canton Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
2000    DEAF 2000 (Dutch Electric Art Festival), Rotterdam, Holland
           Center for the Holographic Arts, New York, USA
           SyZyGy Gallery Fort Myers , Florida, USA
           Museum of Contemporary Arts Tucson, Arizona, USA
1996    Neo Kinetics : Post Modern Techne SoHo New York
          Collection Karas Escuela de arte logrono Spain
          "Holographic Network" Akademie der Kunste Berlin, Germany
1994    Essay Concerning Human Understanding
                     New York Hall of Science, New York -
                      Museum of Contemporary Art, Lexington, Kentucky
          Hologram '94 in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
1993   International Exhibition World of Holography, Daimaru Museum , Japan
          Image du Future '93, Montreal, Canada
1991   Hologram Annual '91 in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
         PDG Art Gallery, New York, USA
         Museum of Holography, New York, USA
         FIAT LUX ! OSyC, Caja de Ahorros de Asturias, Gijon, Spain
1990   National Museum of Art, Budapest, Hungary
         PDG Art Gallery, New York, USA